THEMA enters collaboration with Straumr

THEMA has entered into a collaboration agreement with Straumr regarding a tool for forecasting regulated revenue caps. Our objective with the collaboration is to develop a user-friendly, flexible, and robust solution that provides grid companies and other stakeholders increased insight into future revenue caps which together will create value.

Straumr - THEMA

The power industry in Norway is facing significant grid investments to meet society’s needs in the coming years. THEMA has deep insight into the power industry and the challenges faced by grid companies, as well as solid knowledge of grid regulation. They currently have a self-developed revenue framework model that recreates and projects revenue frameworks for Norwegian grid companies. Straumr, on the other hand, has developed a software platform for easy and intuitive visualization and analysis of the revenue frameworks of grid companies.

Both THEMA and Straum are looking forward to the collaboration.

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