About us

Who we are

THEMA is a specialist consultancy that provides expert analysis and advice on issues related to the power sector and the transition to a sustainable society.

We want to work with our clients to create a more efficient and sustainable society, providing decision-makers with the knowledge and insight needed to make good decisions.

What is important to us

Concrete action to realise our sustainability goals often seems to falter in the face of uncertainty and biased presentations of the facts. We want to tackle these challenges head-on, providing independent, evidence-based input into the public debate and thereby driving forward action for our clients and society as a whole.

This passion for seeking out and sharing the truth and then putting it into action underpins the way that we work and the expectations we have of each other. It sits at the heart of our values. We are:

Trusted and independent

  • We are a trustworthy voice in the public debate.
  • We dare to challenge our professional community, industry, public authorities and one another.
  • We challenge one another and give and take constructive feedback.

Forward-thinking and dependable

  • We look to learn new things and are open to new ideas.
  • We base our analysis on solid foundations and always deliver high-quality work.
  • We work continuously to develop our knowledge and skills.

Clear and relevant

  • We get to the core of the issue.
  • We provide answers relevant to the challenges facing our clients.
  • We are clear and understandable.

How we work

The issues we work on are almost always complex and multi-faceted. Tackling them effectively requires both a variety of skills and an ability to see the problem from multiple perspectives.

From the outset, THEMA has sought to combine a thorough understanding of market analysis, market design, regulation, strategy, and business development to address the problems facing our clients and society as a whole.

To do so, we have built up a multidisciplinary team covering academic specialisms in technology, business, finance and economics. This diversity of perspectives and skills, as well as the ability to bring them together, is the strength that enables us to see clearly where others cannot.

It allows us to provide our clients with the knowledge and insight needed to make good decisions, as well as the confidence to put them into practice.

Our history and future

In 2010, three experienced energy market consultants came together to build a consultancy capable of marrying the diversity of perspectives and talents needed to address the major challenges facing the energy sector. In March of that year, THEMA was founded. Since then, the company has grown steadily to meet the needs of our growing client base, which includes a variety of power utilities, investors, industry associations, manufacturing and transport companies, regulators and public authorities.

In response to strong and growing demand from our clients in Continental Europe, we opened a separate office in Berlin in 2022, a key milestone for our expanding network of German-speaking clients. Our ambition is to continue to offer unrivalled support to our clients in the form of independent, expert advice and, in doing so, to grow alongside future action on the energy transition.