National energy data platform will provide multiple benefits for Luxembourg

Luxembourg will introduce a National Energy Data Platform for the retail electricity and gas markets. THEMA analyzed potential benefits and found two primary groups: increased data quality and more efficient data exchange between stakeholders. These, in turn, will unlock several secondary benefits in the long run.

Data Center

The government of Luxembourg has decided to introduce a National Energy Data Platform for the electricity and gas markets with incremental implementation starting in 2023. THEMA supported the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning in mapping and quantifying the benefits that the data platform will bring.

We expect the quality of measurement data and of other relevant information to improve and for data exchange and communication between market actors to become more efficient. In addition, the data platform will facilitate the introduction of a national standard for customer identification and clarify the roles and responsibilities of actors within the retail markets. In turn, these changes are expected to stimulate competition and innovation and to increase operational efficiency. Other potential benefits include improvements in security, data analytics and the easier implementation of new regulations and standards.

The analysis is based on the experiences of other countries, such as Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, which have national platforms that are already in place or are currently being planned.

The results will be used by the Ministry in its communication with different stakeholder groups and for continuous monitoring to support the realisation of benefits following implementation.


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