THEMA enters collaboration with Nash Renewables

THEMA has now entered into a collaboration agreement with Nash Renewables that combines state-of-the-art renewable modelling with THEMA’s renowned market analysis. Combined, they offer unprecedented support for renewable investment decision-making.

Vindmølle og solcelle

Nash Renewables is a software company that enables investors to make informed decisions concerning both the location of renewable investments and the technical specification of these investments, such as turbine type and rotor diameter.

To support its clients with these decisions, Nash Renewables has developed a sophisticated web app (accessible here) that enables the user to evaluate sites across Europe based on historic price and weather data.

Following collaboration with THEMA, users can now also conduct performance analysis for future years based on THEMA’s market outlook data. This data includes hourly price curves for future years and enables users to evaluate capture prices, load factors and more for sites right across Europe. The app covers both wind and solar investments, as well as hybrid investments in wind and solar sites.

Nash Renewables and THEMA will further develop the analysis available, ensuring that clients can take investment decisions based on state-of-the-art data, modelling techniques and market intelligence.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Arndt von Schemde
Partner at THEMA

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