Berit Tennbakk named as a member of the Norwegian energy commission

Berit started her career with work that laid the foundation of the liberalisation of the Norwegian power market and is one of the country’s foremost experts on power market design and regulation. She has a PhD in Economics and over 25 years of experience analysing the power market, valuable experience for the Commission’s work.

Berit Tennbakk

The newly appointed energy commission will review the Norwegian electricity sector and identify opportunities to increase generation. Its goals include maintaining Norway’s generation surplus and its abundant supply of renewable electricity.  

Berit Tennbakk is one of three economists on the Commission, which consists of 15 members drawn from industry and the power and public sectors.  

She has been a partner in THEMA since 2010 and has long experience working on power market regulation and design for public authorities in the Nordics and beyond. She has, among other things, led several projects for the European Commission. In her daily work, she helps organisations with socio-economic analyses and with understanding both the regulatory framwork and climate and energy policies.  

The Commission’s mandate covers five overarching areas:  

  1.  How rapid changes in the power and energy markets are affecting Norway 
  2. The outlook for future power consumption 
  3. The potential for socially beneficial investment in Norwegian generation capacity 
  4. The outlook for Norwegian security of supply 
  5. Key conflicts of interest in energy policy 

The Commission is to deliver its assessment to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy before 15 December 2022.  

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