New report on the Northern European electricity retail markets published

In Itera and THEMA’s new edition of Market Report – Electricity we compare the end-user electricity retail market in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. Among our findings, we see high economic potential using generative AI in the retail market.

Nordeuropeisk dypdykk – ny rapport om sluttbrukermarkedet for strøm ute!

The report comes at a time when energy markets have been marked by high volatility. Europe is currently undergoing a significant transformation of its energy system, and Ukraine could play a key role as an emerging green energy hub. In this transition, the development and implementation of new customer solutions are crucial to manage price volatility and create an efficient energy system.

The report compares and summarizes key aspects in the different countries, including the level of competition, market shares, products and services, electricity agreements, and regulatory changes. Furthermore, this edition of the report focuses on the economic potential of using generative AI in the energy sector, especially in customer service, marketing, sales, and legal aspects.

In addition to the in-depth analysis of Northern Europe, we still have a separate report that summarizes the significant trends in the Norwegian end-user market. The electricity retail market in Norway is at a crossroads characterized by increasing cost pressure, regulatory uncertainty, and intense competition. Several companies have ended their end-user electricity retail services, due to marginal revenues and capital challenges. Meanwhile, the decline in the switching percentage among households and high electricity prices affect profitability. The industry is now shifting its focus toward a “traditional electricity market” with less innovation and an increased role for technology providers. Consolidation is also a prominent trend with the aim of maintaining competitiveness.

The goal of a Nordic approach is to highlight the differences between countries and demonstrate how companies and nations can benefit from each other’s’ experiences.

For more information about the report, please contact Celine Munkeby or Christoffer Noreng.

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