New Electricity Market Outlook: Crossroad for Electricity- and Service Sale

In the past year, we have seen that the sharp competitive situation for electricity retail companies continues with increasing cost pressure, regulatory uncertainty, and high competition activity. The experiences from the past year underscore the complexity of electricity retail and the need for good risk management.

Markedsrapport Strøm

The main theme of the sixth edition of the Electricity Market Outlook is digitalization – an increasingly important topic in the ongoing energy transition. The Norwegian Energy Commission’s report from February 2023 emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency and flexibility to strengthen the Norwegian power balance, where digitalization plays a key enabling role.

In the report, we focus on how digital solutions and artificial intelligence can create new opportunities in the years to come. We have looked more closely at how artificial intelligence can be used to optimize work and business processes, thus contributing to increased efficiency and better user experiences. A major challenge for electricity retail companies has been the lack of standardization of communication protocols, which has hindered scalability of new products and services.

The Electricity Market Outlook summarizes the most important developments in the Norwegian electricity retail market. In addition to a dedicated chapter on digitalization, the report also contains the fixed chapters on market developments, products and services, and regulation. New for this edition is an overview of proposed regulatory measures and their potential impact on retailers’ operations. We also provide an overview of ongoing consumer flexibility pilots in the DSO markets, where we take a closer look at the development of payment willingness and market maturity. We see a clear trend towards flexibility as a service becoming an important part of future energy services.

The goal of the Electricity Market Outlook is to establish a good overview of the market situation and future trends that can be used to understand how emerging opportunities can be leveraged to create increased value.

For more information about the report, please contact Christoffer Noreng.

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