How to secure stable and competitive electricity prices

The Norwegian Electricity Price Committee’s report, “The Art of Balance”, was published last week. The report reviews the organisation of the wholesale and retail electricity markets, lists factors important to the future development of these markets, and reviews measures intended to support more stable and competitive prices.


The main task of the Electricity Price Committee was to investigate and discuss various models intended to support more stable, predictable, and competitive electricity prices for households, industry, and businesses, as well as to ensure investment in renewable energy.

The report consists of three parts:

  1. Current system and organisation – Description of the current wholesale and retail electricity markets
  2. The way forward – The trends that will affect future Norwegian electricity prices and possible scenarios for their development
  3. Analysis of 50 measures – Measures that could contribute to more stable, predictable, and competitive prices

The committee consisted of ten members, including Håkon Taule, Partner at THEMA.

The report can be found here (Norwegian only).

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