Development of the Odal Wind Power plant has significant local ripple effects for business in the host municipality

Odal Wind Power plant in Nord-Odal was officially opened by the Minister of Energy in June 2023. An important question regarding wind power is how this type of project contributes to the local community. We have carried out an analysis which shows that a large proportion of the economic activity accrued to local and regional businesses.

In the report, we carry out a verification analysis of the development of the wind power plant. This means that we map suppliers and subcontractors who have been involved in the process. In addition, we carry out an economic ripple effect analysis, where we estimate the value creation and employment effects of this activity. The review shows what proportion of the value creation is actually distributed among local, regional and national businesses.

The results show that 61 unique local suppliers have contributed goods and services worth NOK 151 million to the development. From surrounding municipalities in the region, there are also 58 suppliers who have contributed with deliveries worth a further NOK 239 million. This indicates a regional share of a of 19 percent. It is particularly for ground preparation work, roads and foundations where the local and regional suppliers have been involved. The national proportion is 39 percent of the total economic activity. The largest delivery that is imported is the turbines themselves, which make up the majority of the investment in a wind power plant.

You can read more about the wind power plant and download the report in the link below.

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