What is it like being new at THEMA? Let’s find out!

In August, we had the pleasure of welcoming a record number of new consultants to THEMA! They have all done an excellent job so far, contributing to the professional and social strengthening of the THEMA team. But how have their first months been? We catch up with Fnan Bashay Berhie, Olve Bjørke Wergeland and Lina Nilsson.

Fnan Bashay Berhie, The professional program in economics at the University of Bergen

Fnan Bashay BerhieWhat is a typical project you are working on?
As an economist in THEMA, I get to undertake quite diverse tasks. For example, I have worked with the energy systems’ importance for climate change and mapping the demand, supply, and storage/transfer of energy. In addition to assessment of framework conditions and existing and new measures for achieving the goals for climate.

In THEMA every employee has a mentor, what does that mean in practice?
My mentor has functioned as a kind of “Big brother” who has more experience than me in terms of career, as well as in other aspects of life. I would say my mentor provides me with professional support, as well as security in my daily working as a recent graduate. I must also mention that ping-pong matches are a matter of course in the mentoring-ship!

Can you share a memorable social event from your time here in THEMA?
It must be from when I was part of this year’s Christmas party committee, and we arranged in my opinion THEMA’s greatest Christmas party of all times with lots of good food and fun games.

What do a typical day in THEMA include, except from project work?
Except from project related tasks, I would say typical days for me include chatting with several associates/colleagues, share stories and building relations. Daily lunches in the canteen are a priority for all. We also have regular meetings with the different community groups with a focus on professional development and self-development.

Can you share an example of a company value that resonates with you personally?
(Trusted and independent, Forward-thinking, and dependable, Clear and relevant)
Forward-thinking and dependable maybe. THEMA is a solid company who continuously develop to deliver high-quality work. I have always strived to learn new things and challenge myself to develop knowledge and gain skills.

Olve Bjørke Wergeland, MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), with a specialization in Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment

Olve Bjørke WergelandWhat inspired you to join a company that focuses on energy and the green transition?
I have always been interested in the green transition, and therefore it was very natural for me to apply for a job within the energy sector. THEMA stood out as a company since they almost exclusively work with renewable energy. I wanted to make an impact in the energy transition and felt that I could make the biggest impact through a job at THEMA.

How has the company supported your professional growth and development since you joined?
For THEMA it is very important that the employees’ experiences growth and development. I have been supported by my mentor, but also through several workshops, for instance with the Transactions competence group which I am a part of. In addition, THEMA encourages us employees to participate in different seminars or courses that can develop our competence.

How would you describe the balance between work and life at THEMA?
The work-life balance in THEMA is very individual because for the most part you can decide your self how much you want to work. I usually work between 40 – 45 hours a week, which gives me personally an ideal work-life balance.

Tell me about a skill you have developed in THEMA, that you did not expect?
I have worked a lot in with complex models in Excel in my time at THEMA. While I expected to work with Excel and increase my general Excel skills, I did not know I would be working with Excel models featuring macros and substantial datasets.

Can you share an example of a company value that resonates with you personally?
An important THEMA value is to be forward-thinking and dependable. This is a value that really resonates with me because I always believe it is important to think ahead and not expected that tomorrow is going to be the same as yesterday. This is especially the case with the energy transition, where the energy landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Furthermore, I believe that being dependable is extremely important in all aspects of life. When someone depends on you, it signifies that they have placed their trust in you. It is crucial that you do not break that trust and that you deliver.

Lina Nilsson, MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, and a BSc in Communication Management (BI Norwegian Business School)

Lina NilssonAre there any traditions that contribute to the overall team spirit within the organization?
Every third Friday we have “staff meetings”, which means that we go through the status of projects, sales, people, and other relevant topics. There is also always knowledge sharing on the agenda, where one recent client project is presented by the participants. It is also worth mentioning that we always have a nice breakfast and cake for all the colleges that recently have had birthdays in these meetings – a very good start of the day where the whole company is joining.

Can you provide insights into how performance reviews and feedback sessions are conducted to aid in employees’ career development?
THEMA places a strong emphasis on cultivating a feedback culture, a principle that resonates in my daily work routine. This is exemplified through our practice of conducting startup meetings for all projects as well as project evaluations, where expectations and goals are discussed, assisting a clearer understanding of individual roles. We also maintain an ongoing feedback loop during the projects. Moreover, we benefit from getting more structured feedback every six months to discuss holistic development and goals with our mentors.

What are you working on right now?
My main project involves the merger of two grid companies, where we are engaged in establishing new work processes while fostering a shared organizational culture. It’s an interesting project that allows me to collaborate with many smart and friendly people and gain extensive insights into the value chain of grid companies. Additionally, I am monitoring regulatory developments in Sweden. I am also involved in internal projects such as contributing to the news editorial team.

Can you share an example of a company value that resonates with you personally?
I go for trusted and independent! For me, striving to be a trustworthy voice in the public debate is important as it establishes credibility and help foster necessary dialogue between different actors. The courage to challenge our different stakeholders signify a commitment to pushing boundaries and driving positive change. Also, the emphasis on challenging one another within the team and giving constructive feedback aligns with my belief in continuous improvement and collaborative growth.

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