Two important initiatives strengthen THEMA’s hydrogen portfolio

There is a broad consensus that hydrogen will be an important part of the future energy system. We agree. A new framework agreement with Innovation Norway brings us closer to developments in Germany, while membership in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum will allow us to follow developments and deliver even more relevant analysis.


Hydrogen has been a focus area at THEMA for a long time. We have carried out hydrogen projects ranging from strategy consulting and analysis of market conditions to market modelling and quantitative analyses. To bring additional insight to our projects and increase dialogue with our customers, we joined the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum in March of this year. In addition, we were recently awarded a framework agreement on hydrogen and maritime solutions in Germany within Innovation Norway’s “High Potential Opportunities” (HPO) programme. We are therefore better positioned than ever before to examine the development of the hydrogen market in both Norway and the rest of Europe.

The HPO program “Hydrogen and maritime solutions in Germany” is an initiative to support Norwegian exports of hydrogen and hydrogen technology to northern Germany. Norwegian actors are well-positioned to contribute throughout the length of the German hydrogen value chain, in part due to their ample access to renewable energy for hydrogen production. In addition, many Norwegian technology suppliers are developing solutions spanning the entire green hydrogen value chain. In the HPO program, Innovation Norway plans to work closely with German organisations to establish Norwegian suppliers of hydrogen and hydrogen technology to the German market. Under the framework agreement, THEMA will provide analytical capabilities that can be used to ensure that the project’s work is founded on a solid understanding of the issues involved.

The Norwegian Hydrogen Forum (NHF) is Norway’s leading hydrogen interest organisation and has members from Norwegian industry, universities and research institutes, as well as a range of other interested organisations. NHF works broadly to build on its members’ interest in the increased use of hydrogen within the Norwegian energy system, with a focus on improving market conditions. By joining the forum, we hope to gain a better understanding of the issues facing Norwegian actors.

We expect hydrogen to be of great importance in the future energy system and that Norwegian technology and hydrogen can play an important role. We want to contribute to the debate, both with our power market expertise and analytical capabilities, as well as our knowledge of the relevant technological, economic and political issues.

Feel free to contact us if you want to hear more about our ongoing work on hydrogen.

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