Power market outlook in uncertain times

We have published THEMA’s long-term EU ETS and power market outlooks in a time when uncertainty is larger than ever. Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine has sent natural gas and power prices skyrocketing and persistent volatility has shaken the markets, and Europe has responded quickly to try and become independent of Russian gas.


With the landscape changing fast, we are helping our customers navigate the uncertainty by providing in-depth analysis of the European power markets. As part of our services, we accompany our reports and data with one-on-one workshops in which we discuss current market developments, changes to the political and regulatory framework, and current uncertainties.

We discuss the market outlook along with our three scenarios that cover key market, regulatory and technological developments, as well as key sensitivities around coal, gas, and carbon prices.

In the Nordic Power Market Outlook, we have dedicated a chapter to the impact of the new government platform in Norway, while, in the Continental Power Market Outlook, we discuss the new German government’s targets – and the associated need for flexibility. In the above-mentioned workshops, we cover the evolving situation in Eastern Europe and the possible short- and long-term consequences.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer or an informal talk about current market developments.

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