Meet this year’s summer interns: Elise, Herman and Sander!

This summer, Elise, Herman and Sander will be trying their hand as consultants at THEMA. We’ve asked them what they will be working on this summer, what they’re looking forward to learning more about and what they think will be challenging.

Interns 2024
Sander, Herman and Elise


Elise Naaslund is halfway through a double degree at NHH and the Louvain School of Management in Brussels, currently specialising in energy, environment and natural resources. Elise will, among other things, be working on preparing guidelines for increased renewable power production to help municipalities discuss the topic with developers. She hopes to learn more about what influences the development of power production and consumption, and how we as consultants can help to solve challenges in the industry. Elise believes it can be challenging to familiarise herself with the complex issues facing the energy industry in a relatively short time but is looking forward to getting started!

Herman Richardt Albretsen is studying industrial economics at NTNU in Trondheim, specialising in energy and environmental technology. This summer he will be working on flexibility and business opportunities for batteries. Herman is fascinated by the interaction between markets, authorities, and physical constraints in the power system, and how many different disciplines are needed to understand everything. This summer he hopes to learn more about the challenges faced by players in the energy industry, in addition to experiencing the everyday life of a consultant. He believes that juggling multiple projects can be challenging but is confident that he (together with knowledgeable colleagues) will succeed!

Sander Nordhagen has just completed his first year of a master’s degree in finance from NHH. During his internship, he will be working on strategy and transactions for hydro and wind power producers. Sander says that the major upheavals facing the energy sector make the industry extra exciting, in addition to how central the energy industry is to the way we live. He’s looking forward to learning more about both consulting and the energy industry this summer, and to working alongside experts in the renewables industry. He thinks it can be challenging to familiarise himself with many different issues in a short space of time but is looking forward to getting started!


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