Focus on diversity: THEMA attends Oslo Pride Business Forum

The last week of June, our colleagues Elise Langerød and Iris Carrascal Simonsen attended Oslo Pride Business Forum for a day with interesting presentations, panel debates and discussions on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Oslo Pride Business Forum

The event consisted of four parts, each having a different angle on diversity; Why is diversity and inclusion important on an individual level, corporate level, and societal level, and how can companies navigate between the corporates’ growth strategy while implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy globally? In addition, the leader of Kharkiv Pride, Anna Sharyhina, gave a presentation about the LGBTQ+ Community in Wartime talking from her experience since the Russian invasion last year.

The importance of active and intersectional inclusion and recognition of our unconscious biases was highlighted through the whole day. In addition, several of the panelists and presenters gave advice on how we can contribute to diversity both as individuals and as a company. Some highlights from the discussions include:

  • If you are not actively including, you may be unconsciously excluding
  • Diversity work must be intersectional, creating an inclusive environment for all minorities
  • An inclusive working environment is a safe space for employees to be themselves and share different perspectives

To create a truly inclusive workplace is challenging and requires continuous effort. We take with us many reflections and advice to further work with diversity in THEMA and ensure that we are open to continuously develop as a company.

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