Did you know that THEMA also works with operational improvement?

Some may associate THEMA mainly with price forecasts and expertise in regulations and energy policy measures. However, we also work extensively on organizational development and operational improvement. Our clients continuously strive to find the best possible organizational structure and operation to manage their societal mission, and in this work, THEMA can contribute!

In short, organizational and operational improvement is about getting more out of the resources the firm already has. For example, can a utility company improve its maintenance processes to get more maintenance for the money? How can they ensure that advanced metering system (AMS) data is used as efficiently as possible? And what about information flow in a hydropower company – can it be improved to make more accurate and efficient decisions?

These are some of the topics that THEMA works on. We help our clients better understand how they perform operationally and financially compared to similar companies by comparing organization, operating models, work processes, staffing, and resource utilization with best practices. Improvement potential is identified through benchmarking and process mapping, providing our clients with a solid foundation for planning and implementing operational improvements and organizational changes. Examples of projects include:

  • New organizational model for a hydroelectric company
  • Development of a process for improving data flow for a hydroelectric company
  • New core process for construction and maintenance for power grid companies
  • Organizational benchmarking for hydroelectric and power grid companies
  • Assessment of the in-house operational model in relation to best practices for power grid companies
  • Development of new work processes as part of a company merger and improvement efforts for power grid companies

Such projects are, in other words, closely related to realizing the business strategy:
To optimize operations and make efficient use of resources, there is often a need for organizational changes. A structured approach to change management can help develop a shared culture and values that align with strategic goals. This, in turn, can contribute to more motivated employees and ensure they are working in the same direction and according to the chosen strategy. Overall, operational improvement and organizational development can help create a more agile and adaptable organization capable of implementing and adhering to its business strategy more effectively.

Our consultants combine extensive industry knowledge with solid project management expertise and process understanding. Further, we utilize recognized and methodological tools for process improvement and organization in the work. THEMA is familiar with the industry actors and the regulatory framework they operate under. We see an increased demand for our expertise, and we are excited to continue working to elevate the players in the energy industry!

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