Autumn Power Market Outlook: Now also available in new web portal

Gas prices remain the key driver for power prices in the years to come. Normalisation of power prices hence depends on the availability of gas. The special issues focus on the effects of the EU emergency package on prices, gas consumption, and redistribution. For subscribers, the outlook is now available via our new web portal.

Electricity prices across Europe are currently at record-high levels, as the geopolitical situation has shaken commodity markets and pushed gas prices to their highest level ever. Amid this situation, we have published our latest power market outlook and analyses of important price drivers for the years to come. We find that gas prices are a main driving force for power prices in the coming years, and that a normalisation of power prices depends largely on the availability of affordable natural gas.

THEMA’s market reports address the needs of utilities, investors, and other stakeholders looking for independent as well as professionally and methodologically sound expertise on power market developments. Our reports cover all major markets in Europe, where applicable on bidding zone level.

In the special issues of the latest reports, we discuss the EU emergency package and the proposed measures in terms of gas demand and power prices. We also estimate the potential size of inframarginal rent that is meant to be collected to fund cost reductions for end-users. While the gas volumes in power generation may not be reduced as much as targeted by the EU Commission, we find that reductions in power demand can be an important contributor to reduced gas demand.

The market outlook data is now also accessible via a new web portal that allows for easy data visualisation and enables easy downloading of data and reports for subscribers to the market outlooks.

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